Monday, June 23, 2014

Google Search (SEO) and Ads (Adwords) Day Conference / Event in Bangalore and Mumbai, India

Google Search and Ads Day : A SEO and Adwords Conference

Google India invited Search and Ads day conference for Indian Webmasters and Advertisers held up in Bangalore and Mumbai. Its organized by Learn with Google Team.

Google Search / SEO Day Conference :

The Google Search day event helping to Indian SEO webmasters to learn more about Google search, algorithm, updates, SEO techniques, SERPs and organic results in Search engines.

Google Adwords / Ads Day Conference :

This Google Ads or Adwords day helps to learn more about Google AdWords and also covers adwords topics like Remarketing, Integrated Shopping and PLAs, and building a mobile business.

Conference Date :

In Bangalore India,

3rd July - Google Search Day  - A SEO webmasters conference
4th July - Google Ads Day - A Google Adwords conference

In Mumbai, India:

10th July - Google Search Day
11th July - Google Ads Day

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